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Another Trip to The Big City + C2B pull-ups

Okay, I just want you all to know I am completely aware of the neglectful manner in which I am running this blog :/ But the good news is… I have lots to report 🙂

Last weekend one of my sisters and I took a trip to see our Dad in NYC. Sometimes a trip out of the land of corn can do a lady good.


This is Ronnie, my favorite Irish bartender in NYC. J better look out for this one 😉 Image

Here we are at the Red Lion in Greenwich Village (photos compliments of Lizzy, Dad’s lady friend who was fabulous 🙂 )before heading to dinner and a Talking Heads cover band. Yes, you read that correctly. The opening band “IndoBox” was great (added a CD to my collection… had to search for a CD player… settled on PS3) and the cover band was awesome and sounded just like Talking Heads.

**Here I will insert an addendum to the previous statement**

I have become the old fart who has drinks at dinner, overindulges on appetizers, entrees, AND dessert, and then gets tired and wants to go home when the NYU dance partier spills a full drink on my shoe.

Speaking of dinner, we went to Barmache in Soho (I think that is where we were) and it was phenomenal! The best sweet corn bruschetta a person can get that far from the corn fields. I fancy myself a corn connoisseur when I go to other cities because people always ask me what is in Nebraska and I always answer “corn” and I feel they expect me to have some corn insights and corn expertise one can only gather by living so close to the corn … little do any of those people know that I probably eat the same corn they buy from the grocery. HAH! Okay, I digress… I had the sea scallops over creamed corn(again) and then a warm cinnamon sugar churro with caramel gelato for dessert and red wine all the way through. No pictures!!! I know 😦

It was a quick trip but we managed to get in a broadway show,


It was pretty good but we were feeling the fact that it was their last day of production and were a little too eager to be finished! We did a little shopping in Soho,Image

I stopped by the Reebok store (of course) and picked up some nanos. What do we think of the color? I was super set on the teal and then changed at the last minute and am not sure if I made the right choice! The stores are al so small… and hot… and I was sweating… and I lost my focus!

Smooth transition into crossfit. I left you last time with the fact I was going to do Open workout 13.4 13.3!! I got through the 150 wallballs in 8:18 min for my tiebreaker score and got 42 double unders (jump rope where the rope passes twice under your feet each jump)… I struggle MAJORLY with doubles and was happy to have gotten as many as I did!

On to 13.4:

3 clean and jerk, 3 toes to bar… 6 clean and jerk, 6 toes to bar, 9 c&j, 9 T2B… continue adding 3 reps to each round for as many reps as possible in 7 min.

I got 57 reps so I go 9 toes to bar in my set of 12. I was happy with that score since my T2B are less than stellar!

Today I did 13.5-


I had never gotten a chest to bar pull-up before today and I got 15 during this workout! WOOHOOO!!! 40total  reps but going to try it again this weekend!

Before I move on I wanted to mention that I am overall very please with my Crossfit Games Open scores. I have heard a lot of people saying they wish they had done better and really getting down on themselves because they didn’t perform how they wanted to, and I say… that is a great to be motivated that much and want to succeed in this that much but really, if I am being honest, I am just not there right now, and I don’t think I really ever will be.

Do I wish I did better on some of these workouts… yes. You can leave CF everyday and look and see someone else who did better than you did or  wish you did better or you can look at the many things you are able to do EVERYDAY that other people can’t do. In my line of work I see patients who have MS or spinal cord injuries and are confined to a wheelchair all day every day with such a low quality of life that eating normal consistency food is progress for them… and I think about how I got CHEST TO BAR pull-ups today and think, WOW, to complain about not getting the number of them I wanted is looking at things all wrong. For me, crossfit is about progressing and proving to myself (okay, and sometimes others)  the AMAZING things we train our bodies to do and living life each day knowing that I did my best and tried my hardest at the gym and in everything I do. And if at the end of the day I got less reps or it took me longer then…. SO BE IT!


The recipe supplying my lunch this week is this one. It is super fresh and easy. Bulgar cooked in chicken broth, onion, tomato, baked shredded chicken, chickpeas, crnaberries, parsley, dress with juice of 2 limes and 2 TB cranberry juice. I actually ate a lot of it before I added the barley and I liked it better… something to try next time!! super fast, easy, and healthy!


As for your Emma update…. don’t let this photo fool you! She is currently barking incessantly at the back door and has been poo-ing all over the house the beginning of the week. Does any one else’s dog get the runs/ stomach bug when they take them to the kennel? This seems to be a recurring issue for us 😦

I am glad this week is over! It has been a “does this food work with chocolate and peanut butter” kind of week (and let’s be honest, are there any foods that don’t?)  and I am ready for the warm weather this weekend!!!



Life in the Batcave

First off… thanks to all my readers for staying with me through my blogging hiatus! I got a bunch of nice comments welcoming me back 🙂

Does this weather make anyone else want to crawl in bed and eat unnecessary amounts of… anything! Or is that just me? I feel like I have been living in a batcave for the past 3 months….



And might I mention… there is no end in sight. I have been eating these a little too frequently as a go to meal. Most of the time I just make a lettuce wrap but since I am in hibernation I have started increasing the tortilla frequency!


Saturday was St. Patrick’s Day and let me just say… Omaha knows how to put on a parade.Image

NYC Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade watch out. Let’s be honest, at least they are green. And yes, that is the one skyscraper (okay that is maybe a stretch) you are seeing in the background. 


Naturally, it was freezing while I drank my Irish whiskey and watched the parade so we retreated inside to … do as the Irish do, and drink. 

In Crossfit news:

13.2 the second workout of the Open was a 10 minute AMRAP (as many reps as possible) of:

5 shoulder to overhead (75#)
10 deadlift (75#)
15 Boxjumps (20′) 

I got 216 reps the first time I tried and then increased to 247 the second. We had a ton of people do awesome at our gym 🙂 It was a little jarring on the calves and hamstrings in case you aren’t familiar with the boxjump. Also, congrats to my sister, Abby, for completing her first crossfit style workout and having her first experience with boxjumps (terrible she says 🙂 )

I am off to complete 13.3, Open workout 3. A 12 min AMRAP of:

150 wallballs (14#), 90 double unders, 30 muscle ups

… okay, lets be serious.. I won’t complete or come close to completing this but I have to do it once so it might as well be now. I can’t do a muscle up, EVER. And I can’t do consistent double unders to save my life soooooooo it should be interesting. Sometimes all you can do is give it your best even when you know it won’t be that great 🙂

Oh and for your Emma Update:

ImageI have an 80 pound lapdog. She will NOT leave me alone, EVER! 

Big news on my leaving the state and heading to the big city next week 🙂 I cannot wait! More on that later though! 

Have a good rest of National Nutrition Month!


Your Eyes Do Not Deceive You


I am not really sure where I have been for the past month but after talking to some family and friends they were wondering why I haven’t blogged so I thought I would update you guys!

So let’s back track….. Here is what has been going on with me.ImageImage

The one armed handstand is a must in the circles I run in so… there I feel as if I accomplished and proved so much yet so little with that.

Okay so that was just a brief summary… I guess I should just mention that life has continued as normal except…




These have pretty much been the two things I see the most of. Snow followed by beer, followed by more snow…and more beer. Winter in Nebraska people, I am open to suggestions of better healthier things to do whilst all my Southerners frolic in the sun. Emma does enjoy the snow though!


As for the crossfit portion of this blog. The Open is here. For many of you this means nothing, but if you are a fellow crossfitter you have survived 13.1 (the WOD above) and are awaiting Wednesday for the arrival of the next.

Okay a brief picture of what I am talking about. The Reebok Crossfit Games happen in California in the summer where the “fittest on earth” convene and compete and do all kinds of amazing things that most of us mere mortals will never achieve. BUT in case you had any doubts…. they give us the OPEN. The open is where any crossfitter can go online and register, do the workouts that are released (1 every week for 5 weeks) and compare themselves with crossfitters worldwide. It is ridiculous. I completed 150 reps and currently sit at #933 out of maybe 30,000-40,000. And let me just say… that WOD was a doozie absolutely brutal. Burpees are not my fasted movement so even though I can snatch over 100# I only made it to that set with less than a minute left and missed my one attempt. I ALMOST tried it again a few days after my first attempt but decided against putting myself through that again!Image

And even though daylight savings time has kept me awake longer than usual…. Emma says it is time for bed!

Hopefully I am back on the blogosphere for a while. Thanks to everyone who voiced their interest in me getting back to it 🙂 So there you have it burpees and beer, no box jumps. They were part of the workout Sunday but I got 2 miles from my house in the snow and turned around…. Southern for life! I am that person driving 45 on the interstate so go around me. Or better yet, what if it just DIDN’T SNOW IN MARCH!!!! (can you tell I am bitter?) My pasty skin needs sunlight ASAP.

Have a great week!

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Scaled, Yet Again

Competition tomorrow at Crossfit Artis between 3 local boxes. Here is a look at the 3 workouts… I am going scaled (yet again) due to my inability to do pistols ( I am still sore from missing an incredible amount of attempts at open gym this week…never even got 1) and Rx HSPU (I still need 1 mat under my head).  Notice the Double Unders and… wish me luck! ha. I am working on these movements so I will get to compete in prescribed SOON (hopefully!). Notice the optimism 🙂

Workout #1

1 minute AMRAP at each station

Handstand Push Ups
KB Swings (2/1.5)
Deadlift (225/155)
Double Unders
Wall Walks
Jumping Air Squats
KB Swings (1.5/1)
Deadlift (135/95)
Double Unders


Workout #2

5 minute AMRAP

Squat Snatch (135/95)
Squat Snatch (95/65)


Workout #3

“The Artis”

10 minute AMRAP

1 Power Clean (135/95)
1 Push Press (135/95)
1 Burpee


2 Power Cleans (135/95)
2 Push Presses (135/95)
2 Burpees

3-3-3, 4-4-4

You will keep going in that fashion until 10 minutes is up.



Inspiration + A Less Than Stellar Comeback

There are no pictures tonight. Just my thoughts. I am not usually a melancholy blogger so bear with me!!

Tonight’s WOD brought my blogging inspiration back… Well, if I said I was lacking inspiration this last month that would be false. It was more or less a lack of time. But in light of tonight’s workout I am leaving the dishes in the sink and the clothes in the hamper and blogging.

“What was the WOD?” You may be wondering… and really it was nothing special. It was not long, it was not heavy, it was not a lot of reps. It was just a workout that made me realize how far I have come and how far I need to go.

In the past few months I have really put a lot into my crossfit training. I have not missed a workout, I have done all the strength work, I have gone prescribed on almost every workout but there is just never an end to the amount of training you can do. I used to suck at pretty much everything… as most people do when they start (and those of you who don’t suck when you start make me so mad when I see you at on ramp doing pull-ups and double unders). As the months have gone on I have started to not suck so much.  I can do pull-ups (though not fast enough), I have PRed nearly every single lift, and I am a real competitor at my gym. And what I found tonight is that when you suck less, having a shitty workout is much tougher to cope with.

Okay so here is the WOD:

5 Rounds For Time:

10 Wall Ball Shots (20/14)
20 Double Unders

Immediately followed by…

30 Toes2Bar
30 Burpees

**12 Minute Cut-off**

I KNOW RIGHT!! So what? … Double Unders, that’s what. I went in the first heat and they were almost 2 full rounds ahead of me on the first part. And again you say, so what? I DNF, I had 3 burpees left at the 12 min cutoff. And I was so pissed (not gunna lie, I kind of still am). I had one of those days where I literally couldn’t string together 5 DUs. Now, generally speaking my DUs are not awesome (by any standards) but I can usually string together 20-25 without a miss. Today was literally abominable. I would get 3, miss 2, get 2, miss 3. And if you have ever done this you know how awful it feels. It wasn’t even the whiplash type of miss it was like oops I hit my feet again miss (I later realized I was in fact not using my personal jump rope but was using a shorter person’s rope but that is really no excuse).

Today on my lunch break I watched last year’s Reebok Crossfit Women’s final WOD “Elisabeth”. Does anyone else watch those athletes who make it all look so attainable and start thinking “hell yeah, I can be awesome like that”?? Or is that just me? So the POINT here is that I need to practice. I need to practice DUs like there is nothing else in the world I would rather do. And I have to stop feeling so defeated when I have days like this. So I am over it and tomorrow is a new day of successes and failures and I will keep doing the DU workouts Rx until I beat everyone no longer suck as bad. 

Also, click here and read this post by the author of Paleomg about similar things!!

I am sorry that my return to blogging after a month was not more of a stellar comeback. There are so many awesome things I could tell you but… this seemed to be what I needed to share.


I was going to put a picture of one of the games athletes here but decided to go with this one.

These are my competitors and friends from Crossfit Hydro (Minus a few!!). These ladies push me to become better so I can kick their ass next time… just joking, kinda. 🙂 


A Fast “almost” 5K + Veggie Lasagna Recipe

I am going to begin with a recipe that I posted on Instagram and got a request for! I got the idea for a veggie lasagna from a blogger I follow who posted about it on Facebook last week.


I am going to call this Eggplant Vegetable Lasagna, but it is really just a mixture of something I made up. I am NOTORIOUS for forgetting the key ingredient when I grocery shop for a specific meal. So we went shopping for the ingredients for the lasagna and I forgot ricotta cheese. Honestly, I didn’t really care because I was really only going to use it for the half regular lasagna I made for J (he doesn’t like all these veggies 😦 ). So here is what I did.

1. Sautee mushrooms, onions, green pepper, zucchini in olive oil
2. Brown ground beef or turkey or whatever you prefer  in a different pan(I used beef)
3. Add marinara sauce into the veggies and beef (I used 2 jars)
4. Spread beef and veggies across bottom of a glass baking dish
5. Layer thinly sliced eggplant, cheese (mozarella), and beef/veggie marina as many layers as desired 🙂

It was delicious and pretty easy to make! Just bake at 350 degrees for 45 min!


Another interesting meal was this roasted chicken over butternut squash risotto with suateed spinach that I got Saturday night date night with J at Pitch in Dundee. This was probably the best meal I have ordered out in a LONG time!


Then we played our oldschool Trivial Pursuit game where all the answers are from the 80s and we get a lot of them wrong while drinking :/ Did I mention I am totally into all the amazing winter beers that are out there right now!! I tried a few at the Crescent Moon that I loved! Note: We own the new versions of Trivial Pursuit but we like to play this one because it is like a history lesson… oh, and also I am just about as current on today’s history, entertainment, and sports as I am as I am with the 80s and I suck at geography in both… oh wait, that doesn’t really change does it. I am more likely to answer a question correct about Seinfeld or David Bowie than Jersey Shore and Ja Rule (yes, I just pulled the Ja Rule card).

In workout news:


I rocked an ALMOST 5K on Tuesday. I honestly did not set out to run this far or fast BUT, when if feels good I just go with it. I am also running the Ugly Sweater 5K on Sunday but I doubt I will run this fast due to the 12lb. reindeer that will be attached to my sweatshirt.
*Let me also note here that I have not been training for running AT ALL. Since running that 10k in October I have run probably 4 times total, maybe 5. I just got really focused on crossfit and took a break from running. Someone asked me on Facebook what my secret to that run pace is and I said “crossfit”. We don’t run 5ks in CF, we train metabolic and strength conditioning, we never do the same workout twice (except benchmarks to track progress), and all this transfers to every other part of exercising and life! Okay I am done with my crossfit plug until Reebok starts paying me for this promotion.
Moving on…

Todays WOD: 10 min AMRAP
30 Double Unders 😦
15 Power Snatch (55#)

I got 3  full rounds + 13 DU + multiple whip lashes on my ass. OUCH! If that confuses you at all then you have never used a speed rope, but you should definitely buy one.


My coach told me to go prescribed as I tried to scale my double under number before the workout. I am glad I did it. That was my first rx double under workout and it sucked, but now I know I can do it and have to stop making excuses about it…. there is a time for everything I suppose.


Oh and did I mention, I totally got my husband to agree to watching Magic Mike on Friday… I don’t know how it happened… I DO KNOW that I fell asleep half-way through the movie and he stayed up and watched it, just saying. Channing Tatum is what he is… and I like it, and maybe J does too?

Am I the ONLY one who repeatedly falls asleep in the middle of EVERY movie I try to watch at home? Literally, 10:30, 8:30 doesn’t matter. 



Emma is still doing her thing. When we sit downstairs she disappears upstairs and brings us various things she finds. This shoe has been a recurring theme this week but sometimes it is a bra, a sock, a reading light, an ink pen, a checkbook, a crossword book, a tupperware. Oh great, now I have revealed to you how utterly unorganized I am and that I have no idea where my dog finds tupperware upstairs in my house. In our defense… the closet in this rented house came with a CURTAIN for a door so the shoe thing is inevitable. I have no defense for the socks.

Have a great Thursday y’all!

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A Few PRs + Emma’s First Boyfriend





Well I began typing this post yesterday and then got distracted by steak.


This was the first time I have cooked steak on the stovetop because J usually grills outside. The steak turned out awesome though so I will definitely be doing this more often, especially in winter! That is also just frozen broccoli. Baker’s had a kinds of frozen veggies for $1 the other day so I picked a few up. I was recently talking to my mom about how I seem to always buy a lot of groceries and run out of them so quickly and she mentioned I should stock my freezer with more than just frozen yogurt…. so I did! This is a super convenient way to have veggies on hand without feeling like you are racing against the clock to make them before they go bad!


Now onto some PRs… there have been a few accomplishments this week 🙂 I strung together about 7+ pull-ups (unbroken, unassisted)!!! This was my goal to complete by Christmas so now I need to change my goal!!


I also got 130# on my hang power clean and over head split jerk yesterday which was awesome! My previous overhead was 125# and I don’t think I have ever hang power cleaned over 115#! Progress 🙂

And for your Emma update:


She had a big day at the dog park… Leroy kept mounting her and would not leave her alone!




Finally some peace when Leroy went home!





She also has some new bling for the Holidays. This has little bells on it so now I know exactly where she is eating my socks at all times 🙂




Comforting Dad after the latest Detroit loss. J continues to put faith in his teams that continue to let him down… if only he cared less!



This house is right at the stop sign to turn onto our street and there are always people just sitting at the stop sign while I honk my horn behind them. Entranced I suppose… by the Elf riding the polar bear as it seems.

Does someone on your street go completely overboard with Christmas decorations? Are you THAT person? Or do you commend their efforts to bring holiday cheer?


I have been doing my part to spread the Holiday Cheer by wearing my Christmas socks to the gym. What are you doing?